Frye Island, ME
Rental Cottage
Take a tranquil paddle around the island
The Maine Wildlife Park - Gray, Maine
Spelunking on the water's edge... Find the cave near Frye's Leap
With views like these, why leave the island?
How about some blueberry picking
You will love our sunsets
For the birds... Eagles, Turkeys, Ducks, and more.
Deer, Lynx, Moose and more have been spotted on the island.
Beautiful Bald Eagles love to fish in the Lake.
atural Beauty abounds near Sebago Lake. Start with
Frye Island beaches, back roads, and hiking trails -
wildlife abounds on the island. Nearby you will find Sebago Lake State Park & Maine Wildlife Park. Coastal Maine and the White Mountains of New Hampshire are natrual beauty's if you want to travel
a little farther. Maine is full of natural wonders and outdoor activities
so you are sure to find what suits you.


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